Summer, autumn and winter photos from Honningsvåg and other places on Magerøya island.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Neighbours (34)

This is what I saw from my window just a few days ago. There is a baptist church in this house, it is called Betania. They used to rent rooms to people who come to work here in the summer time, but from this year on they don't do it any longer. What is even more interesting, in the house in which I am staying now, downstairs there also used to be a church! I have no idea what kind of church it was, but now it looks pretty abandoned, including the altar and also a very old organ. Unfortunately the owner of the house is going to rent some rooms downstairs and I don't have the access there anymore and I don't have any photos from there.


Anonymous said...

This used to be the Salvation army house in h.våg. I actually went to sunday school there!

J. said...

Thanks for posting the comment!