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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Theme day: books (62)

Our theme day is this month books. When you look at my photo you wouldn't probably say at first that it is a book. But in fact it is one. On this fence the Sami reindeer owner have written down the amount of the reindeer missing. These numbers are quite big - every family needs 800-1000 to make their living from it, so it's not little when 107 animals are missing (even if this is the total number for 5 families who own reindeer living on Magerøya). Unfortunately I forgot to ask Nils about these numbers as it was a day full of experiences (see here, and here), so I can't say more about it.

The reason for posting this particular photo is that - as I'm not in Norway anymore - I have a quite limited amount of pictures to choose from (it is also the reason for posting less frequently).

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Jilly said...

Absolutely fascinating. No one will post the same as you today! So different and so interesting.

Joy said...

Interesting take on the theme! Love the blue in the photo.

Do visit Norwich Daily Photo and find out what I have in store for this month's theme. Happy theme day! Enjoy your weekend!


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