Summer, autumn and winter photos from Honningsvåg and other places on Magerøya island.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Puffin (5)

This is a puffin flying somewhere near the Gjesværstappan which is a group of islands not far from Honningsvåg and not far from Magerøya island. There is about 1 million of them spending the summer here. For wintertime they go to the north. They come back every year on 14.04., approximately at the same time of the day, even in the leap year!


Kim said...

This is such an exciting photo to see. I've never seen a puffin in flight, only photos of them standing. Thanks for sharing this wonderful image.

Welcome to the CDPB community! It's my first chance to visit your blog and I'm happy to see your photos from Honningvag. As you may know, there are many people of Norwegian heritage in Seattle, and its common to hear Norwegian spoken on the street in some neighborhoods here. Hope you have fun showing us life in your beautiful area.
Seattle Daily Photo

JM said...

Puffins are great! Nice shot!

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babooshka said...

I'm abig bird photographer, buit never captured a puffin, so well done.

Welcome to the cdp commnuinty. We had the viking settle on my island, many many years ago. Look forward to seeing more.

J. said...

It wasn't that difficult to capture the puffin:) There are really lots of them here and when you sail the boat they fly very close sometimes.