Summer, autumn and winter photos from Honningsvåg and other places on Magerøya island.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nils, his reindeer and his tent (56)

I promised to say more about the photo from the 1.10. It was a tent, in fact, but those of you who thought it was a circus tent were wrong (however, I have to admit, that it was pretty creative to think that it might belong to a circus). It was a tent which belongs to Nils and his family. As we know each other, I was even invited to stay there overnight after the reindeer culling (I was told by some people that "slaughtering" is too strong and "culling" should be used instead but I am still not completely convinced) which I however eventually haven't done. And the special thing about the tent (lavvu in Sami) from the photo from 1.10. is that it's so modern. The tents shown to the tourists look like the one on today's picture. Until that very day when we went to Nils' place I didn't realise that such modern lavvus exist! They are MUCH warmer than the traditional version (they stop the wind completely) and there is no smoke inside.

1 comment:

Hyde DP said...

Only right that people with traditional trades and ways of life use modern materials.

I am slightly more surprised that we could only come up with the absurd answer of a circus tent than I am by the true answer.